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  • We have been here for dinner. Best experience we had, great food. We had the best waiter in the world, his name is Josip, he advised us what to eat and drink. He is the legend, we will be back just because of him. Josip is the king!!!!!


  • Restaurant is just few minutes by walk from main seaside street in Trogir. Their menu is based on traditional cuisine for Croatia and Dalmatia.


  • In my opinion is the best restaurant in Trogir, the staff very friendly. I recomand the sea food and the beef. A small tip: Ask the hostess for a table on the roof terace

    Mircu M

  • Very delicious meals and friendly staff. We enjoyed our dinner there very much.Fresh fish, amazing salads and traditional smoked pork.

    Ivo S

  • First impressions were great, they took us and our baby buggy up 2 flights of stairs onto the rooftop terrace, a romantic setting. Stunning place. I would highly recommend this place. Staff couldn't be more helpful. Cocktails were made really well too. Would recommend a visit if your budget lets you.

    Sandy U

  • The lunch special menu is amazing value. Staff spoke lots of different languages. Pasticada is really good and the wine was very good and not expensive.

    Helen M

  • I had a traditional soup here which was absolutely delicious as well as a perfect drop of white wine. All meals coming out of the kitchen looked divine and were promptly eaten. The atmosphere was perfect too.

    Rosa Z

  • I have just had a wonderful meal here with my partner. It is very good value for money. I had the delicious smoked tuna and the wonderful shrimp risotto, which was packed full of shrimp. The rose wine is delicious and the setting off the Main Street is relaxing and beautiful. Highly recommended!


  • No words can do this fantastic restaurant true justice - wonderful food, wine, atmosphere, quality of service and the sheer artistry of Marco. Never disappointed - thank you Ante, thank you Marco and the team.

    John & Cathy

  • I highly recommended this restaurant to anyone who love fresh food .They have great selection of wines.Waiters are really profesional and polite. GREAT FOOD,WINES AND AMAZING SERVICE

    Irvin V


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